Hi, I'm Alison. 

Photo credit: Sarah Pflug


I started making candles as holiday gifts for friends and family. Frustrated by the candle container options out there, I picked up some ceramic paints from a local art supply store and began experimenting with designing my own. 

Today, I hand paint every single container before I turn them into candles. 

Each candle is made with pure soy wax with no additives that has been carefully infused with pure essential oils. The result is a subtle, but calming candle that burns cleanly and smoothly. For best results, burn candle for 30-60 minutes right before bed time. 

Since those early days, I've expanded into other types of home decor and wall art which I'm excited to share with you. 

Why little coco

Coconut Rescue Dog

Coconut ("little coco") is my sweet rescue dog who was brought to us through Save Our Scruff and Moringa's Mission. I've always wanted a dog, and while I always envisioned myself starting with a puppy, SOS' foster model was the perfect way to get to know a dog before committing to adopting them full-time. Now, I'm passionate about supporting SOS with their mission to rescue and rehome as many dogs as possible. For that reason, I am committed to donating $1 from every purchase to Save our Scruff, to help them continue their work of saving scruffs around the world.